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Posted on January 21, 2007


When I was in 9th grade, we read Joan Didion’s “Why I Write” essay in class and then had to complete our own “Why I . . .”. I return to the question of why often, and enjoy the inquiry into what I choose to do.

So the question comes up again today, as I’m trying to navigate around wordpress and check out all the features. There have been eight views of my blog. While it is likely that all of them have been me, this makes me queasy. Why the fuck did I decide to begin this process of shitty writing in a public forum? It is a struggle to write my crappy sentences when I know in the back of my mind that someone may see them.

So why a blog? I think the easiest answer is internet habits. Well before I was comfortable using the internet, I checked my email and bank account online everyday. I think I am up to four sites that I check daily: gmail, myspace (embarassing!), work email, and CNN. And now there are loads of other sites that I regularly check out. While I love to read and try to write, my offline habits are much less regular when it comes to these pasttimes. I have never really kept a journal before, except the semester that I spent in London, when I had to chronicle somewhere all the places I saw and how depressed I was. And while I’d love to be the type of person that is always carrying around a book, I don’t because I’m not good with the library system, and I’m too poor to always be buying books. When they have Netflix for books, maybe I’ll do better. Until then, I know that I now spend most of my day on the computer. And since I can’t figure out how I only have 2gb left of my 50gb storage, I decided against creating a new word doc everyday. A blog seems like a great way for me to have a place to come and write and also provides the added bonus of supporting my work in therapy getting over what other people think of me.

So that’s why I blog. Or started to, anyways. Habit and discipline have been the key things missing in my writing, so I hope this forum helps. It’s a great time to get over myself and get busy writing.

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