Blacking Out on a Budget

Posted on March 11, 2008


Whilst I have been trying to cut down on my binge drinking, every now and again overindulgence just sneaks up on me. This usually happens when I start drinking early (like Friday afternoon happy hour), don’t eat, “pace myself” on martinis for 5 hours, and wake up the next morning having no idea what happened. Things like touching someone’s balls at a networking event or hitting on the (straight) woman I’m out dancing with can happen on such nights. But the blackout and bad behavior makes sense mathematically in these cases and can even be predicted, as in x number of drinks * y number of hours out/food intake= % of blackout.

Which is why this weekend I was so amazed at my ability to defy the odds and blackout in a record 2 hours! Further surprise is that I did it for under $50. This is unprecedented, but worth figuring out just for the sheer cost savings. So here are the circumstances of the night; further experimenting will need to be conducted in order to determine true causal relationships.

1. Start the night dehydrated.
2. Eat, but not too much. This will lead you to believe you will be ok, even when that’s not the case.
3. Go out late. Getting started at 11pm is just the catalyst you need to drink faster than you otherwise would.
4. Don’t say no to shots. Feel free to mix liquors as well.

I would provide more, but I don’t remember much after that. While blacking out is never fun, the two-hour sprint binge actually results in less spending, milder hangovers, and a shorter window of time to embarrass yourself in. This might be my new drinking plan of choice.

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