How The Succubus (aka – Sarah Palin) is Ruining the Election

Posted on September 19, 2008


I’ve been oscillating between rage and depression ever since the Republican National Convention. Prior to that, I really wanted Obama to win, but I didn’t think John McCain was the anti-Christ. My opinion has since changed, and no, not to vote for McCain because his running mate and I both have vaginas. I just had hoped that we were going to have a good, honest campaign, or at least one that would be better than the past two. And any possibility of that disappeared when the succubus joined the ticket.

Not that it’s all the succubus‘ fault. Yes, she’s a liar. Yes, she’s unqualified and under-educated. Yes, she has psychotic religious and social views. But the real downfall of the election is that she “fired up” the Republican base, and the Republican base=retards. Am I being stereo-typical in thinking that all of the Republican base is comprised of gun-toting, cousin-humping, God-loving, never-seen-the-ocean hicks in the the middle of the country? No. No I am not. Now, I’m not saying that there aren’t other types of Republicans, because clearly there are. There are the greedy, fat, old, rich, manipulative ones that use religion to get the stupid ones to do their bidding. These are the folks that are inspiring the rampant lying and flip-flopping from the McCain campaign, because the idiot base responds well to fear and hate-mongering.

My hatred has been stoked, as well, and I find that I can’t be rational about this. I just watched an interesting lecture on the moral makeup of liberals and conservatives that concluded with the notion that liberals and conservatives are the yin and yang to each other. Each belief system has a purpose in the development of a balanced society. I say fuck yang. There is too much at stake in our country to let the hicks decide once again, so I hope the scales tip towards the liberals. Obama ’08.

P.S. – I’m not the only one who finds the Sarah Palin/Succubus parallels striking – see what Kris has to say.