Leave the Liberal Media ALone!

Posted on September 22, 2008


Today I watched the SNL spoof on the McCain campaign ads that have been proven to be untrue, and the funniest part of the experience was the comments left by conservative viewers. The basic theme of their complaints was that SNL was biased in that it had made fun of every politician in this election except for Obama (which isn’t true). The conservatives in the user comments further went on to demand that SNL be “fair and balanced” in their lampooning in this election.

This is hilarious for so many reasons.

1. Entertainment shows have no obligation to be unbiased. There has been so much talk this political season about how unfair SNL is to the McCain/Succubus ticket, how The View was too tough on John and Cindy McCain, how Oprah won’t invite the Succubus on her show. And? Shows like SNL, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report are comedy shows; taking them seriously and holding them to some standard of objectivity is ridiculous. The fact that Fox News spends any time even talking about these shows reveals how little credibility the network actually has. Barbara Walters can ask any damn question she wants to guests on her show, regardless of what the soccer mom demographic watching wants. And Oprah has publicly endorsed Obama and therefore doesn’t want any other political guests on her show until after the election. Oh, and she can do whatever the fuck she wants.

2. Don’t you believe in a liberal media bias? I thought one of the fundamental beliefs of the conservative base, after the belief that they are God’s soldiers and that gays are evil, is that the media is biased towards liberals. Um, ok, so if all the media (except Fox News, which is “fair and balanced”) has a liberal bias, why are you spending any time demanding equal spoofing? If all shows like SNL fairly satirized public figures, wouldn’t that mean you wouldn’t have a soapbox to stand on when demonizing the media? How else are you going to scare your people into believing that everything they read in the paper is part of a larger liberal conspiracy if shows meet your demands and make fun of all candidates equally?

3. Demand objectivity from news outlets first. There is no public outcry that Bill O’Reilly and Tucker Carlson or Chris Matthews and Keith Oberman be more objective. But Tina Fey and Oprah? Well, they better not show a bias towards one side.

4. Exercise your rights and DON’T WATCH the shows. If a show isn’t representative of your views or lifestyle, don’t watch it. I don’t watch American Idol and then demand that they let contestants on who can’t sing because I can’t sing. I don’t harass the Spanish Channel and say that they should broadcast in English half the time to be fair. I don’t watch Fox News and expect them to say anything objective or useful. So if you don’t think it’s funny when shows make fun of John McCain, then don’t watch the show. Or get a less laughable candidate.