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WTF – Sarah Palin “Going Rogue”?!?!

October 28, 2008


Top aides in the McCain camp expressed frustration at what they perceived to be Sarah Palin “going rogue.” In recent appearances, Palin has been off-message, or freestyling, if you will. So . . . what you’re telling me is that the person you picked for being “maverick-y” has now gone maverick, and you’re mad about […]

Friday Musing of No Importance

October 24, 2008


I am sitting in a coffee shop, hot and partially drunk on fake champagne, thinking how miserably warm it is outside, which any reasonable person knows is a ridiculous thing to complain about in October, when the rest of the country (real America?) is getting colder by the day. But I am not reasonable. Most […]

Guilt by Association, or Why Conservatives are Stupid

October 20, 2008


I’ve heard many conservatives wonder why liberals assume they are stupid. The answer, to borrow a move from the Republican playbook, is guilt by association. The conservative base is comprised of the dumbest citizens of this fine nation (you know, the evangelicals). The fact that Republican candidates all pander to these fools, and hold up […]

Hypocrisy Democracy?

October 20, 2008


One of theĀ  most loathsome groups in America are the social conservatives. I think they are sheep that should be brought to slaughter. Short of that, they should be rounded up and dropped off in some red state, where they could all live together in an M. Night Shyamalan-like 1800s society. Among the many reasons […]

Election Depression

October 7, 2008


If the APA doesn’t already have “election depression” listed as a psychological disorder, then 2008 may finally be the year for it to hit the books. I seriously have become increasingly more depressed and anxious over the course of the last 3-4 weeks, with symptoms including mood swings, bouts of crying, fits of anger, an […]