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Election Depression

October 7, 2008


If the APA doesn’t already have “election depression” listed as a psychological disorder, then 2008 may finally be the year for it to hit the books. I seriously have become increasingly more depressed and anxious over the course of the last 3-4 weeks, with symptoms including mood swings, bouts of crying, fits of anger, an […]

For Shame

March 8, 2008


Dear Blog, I am so ashamed. I watched American Idol 3 nights this week. It’s bad that I watch the show, but, you know, guilty pleasures. It’s worse that I started watching in the beginning of the season, when I tried to make a strict rule about not watching until they got down to the […]

Act Individually

March 2, 2008


I like the phrase “Think Globally, Act Locally.” I’d like to coin a new one: “Think Collectively, Act Individually.” I’ve been thinking about this because I’ve had a bit of guilt around my lifestyle lately. I’m fortunate enough to work from home, and thus have had a lot of time for personal development. Over the […]